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Best Action Games For Pc

Some of the most successful Best Action Games For Pc Free Download franchises started out on PC and you only have to look at Grand Theft Auto as a shining example of this. It’s most recent iterations have easily become some of the top PC action games of all time! Everyone loves a good action game. It’s the driving force behind so many of our favorite PC games, but only a few can lay claim to being the best action games of all time. That’s why we’ve compiled this list – to sort the pulled punches from the bestest biffs that PC has to offer. Whether it’s the joy of pulling off a perfect combo, riding the wave of an explosive set-piece or the hair-raising thrill of dodging enemy attacks in slow-motion that gets you going, there’s the Best Action Games For Pc here for you.

Best Action Games For Pc

Best Action Games For Pc

There are plenty of great Best Action Games For Pc to be found on PC, but we’ve selected the best one  below

Ape Out

Ape Out is absolutely an action game, with the clarity of purpose and perfect design of a silverbacks noble fist. Played top-down, Ape Out is vaguely reminiscent of other Devolver Digital favorite Hotline Miami, except instead of a man in an animal mask you are a giant furious ball of furry hominid, and instead of guns and bats and that you use your furious hominid limbs.

Yakuza 0

Tokyo 1988. Getting rich is easy, the women are beautiful, and everyone wants in on the action. It’s time to become Yakuza.

Sega’s open-world brawler RPG series about the Tokyo underworld finally branched out onto PC in 2018, and its prequel Yakuza 0 remains both the best entry in the series and the best starting-point for wannabe crime dads. Its two protagonists Kiryu and Majima are quite different in tone and style, but they’re both absolutely delightful. What good boys, and what excellent thugs.

Binary Domain

Binary Domain is what happened when the Yakuza team attempted to muscle in on the cover shooter craze of the early 2010s: leaving behind Kamurocho, albeit for a different, futuristic Tokyo, and flooding it with hostile robots. And giant robot animals. And a friendly French robot who wears a trendy scarf. It feels like a cynical bid for a western audience, but one that can’t stop the team’s bizarro energy bubbling up.

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Call of Duty Mobile

5 Best Action-Adventure Games Pc

The action-adventure genre is packed full of new releases every year, perhaps because it is the genre that casts the widest net. 2019 was no different, and there was an abundance of excellent new action-adventure titles this year. Here, we’re going to recognize the best of the best, mentioning our nominees for what we felt were the ten greatest games of the genre this year, before declaring one ultimate winner. Best Action Games For Pc

PC Adventure games of All Time, a list of the best videogames, created from editorial reviews on the site. It’s the perfect tool to find that great game you haven’t played yet, or even to find a gem for a friend or loved one as a gift.

5 Best Action-Adventure Games Pc

Death Stranding is a very unusual game and one that doesn’t necessarily fit the description of any genre very well, even though it’s not the brand new genre that Hideo Kojima may have claimed it would be. But it’s precisely because of its unique nature that it’s so impressive. It puts almost all of its focus square on traversal-based gameplay, which relies on a web of interlocking mechanics and systems with much more depth than one would think. Pepper in some tense horror and stealth sequences and a typically bonkers storyline, and you have one of the weirdest and best games of the year. Additionally, it blends that traversal-based gameplay with excellent, emergent social mechanics, that lend a whole another layer to its moment-to-moment action. Best Action Games For Pc


While Mario 64 took a sandbox approach to adapt to the new dimension, Prince of Persia built upon the old formula, treating its jumps and platforms as careful acrobatic puzzles to be solved – rather than just a means to move upwards or forwards. If you screw up a jump, the Sands of Time allows you to rewind time and give it another go immediately – and you can repeat until you run out of the sand. It’s still a wonderful idea today and one that more games should adopt.


And it all begins with an assault on a house by weird villagers – very Night of the Living Dead – followed by the hideous sound of a chainsaw cutting through your defenses. Yes, the parts that have you defend Ashley are annoying, but Resident Evil 4 remains the high point of the series – and it’s just as great today as it was then.

Resident Evil 4 mixes up panicked shootouts, thrilling action scenes, and tense puzzle solving for a whole lot of boulder-punching fun. It lasts far longer than most single-player games usually do – at least, those that aren’t in a sandbox – and yet, Capcom never stops throwing exciting set-pieces at you. Massive shark in a lake! Troll monster! The giant robot version of the weird antagonist!


A big part of what makes Arkham Asylum brilliant is the beautiful rhythm of the combat, which every single third-person action-adventure has to rip-off now – such as Marvel’s Spider-Man. Other action-adventure games may be bigger, but little else is better than the first Arkham game. Licensed games were a joke before Batman: Arkham Asylum – publishers picked up IPs and crapped out a game to make a quick buck. Then Rocksteady came along and raised the bar forever.


The original Darksiders from THQ was an entertaining mix of God of War and The Legend of Zelda. But while the story of Apocalypse Horseman War was cool it felt lacking in some areas. Darksiders 2, on the other hand, lacks nothing. While Darksiders 2 admittedly takes most of its ideas from other action-adventure games – even Shadow of the Colossus, enemies can get truly massive here – it mixes them all together with an unmatched style. Even better, the “Deathinitive” Edition packs in a load of DLC and spruces up the graphics to modern standards.

Best Action Games For Pc Download

In this section, the FreeGamePick team offers you to get acquainted with our big collection of free action games for PC. These games are often simply a physical challenge that will test your hand-eye coordination and reaction skills. Free Best Action Games For Pc are often full of adrenaline and exciting missions. You will never get bored playing this game genre. Improve your skills and let your character become more powerful. Use your abilities and learn new ones. Upgrade weapons and earn achievements.

It’s easy can play with your friends jump into the multiplayer online Best Action Games For Pc category. We have a diverse selection of action game genres such as shooter, fighting games and many more. Some of our best Best Action Games For Pc are platform games, which historically been considered one of the most important and popular game styles. Platform games are a very good choice for children. Such games are similar to Arcade Games where you have a limited amount of lives and must perform many actions to fulfill that arcade Best Action Games For Pc objective. In most of the games, the player controls the main game character.

Best Action Games For Pc Download

Look at the Alien Shooter game. It’s a very popular shooter that has 2 parts. And of course, you can find some classic games in modern style here, like Ms. PacMan or Super Mario. If you want some serious and a hardcore game then play Forbidden Galaxy 2. This is a free download game where you need to protect the galaxy from the alien invaders. Get in control, pilot your own spaceship and plan every step to win a battle against your enemies. If you want a real war download Anti Terror Mission and stop the terror by playing as super-soldier. Crush enemies to save the Middle East from the ruthless terrorists.

A character that you play will improve during the gameplay and become stronger. However, missions will become harder too. It is the main idea behind all Best Action Games For Pc. You need to collect weapons and useful things like a health potion or some equipment to fight enemies with different types of attacks. What is your weapon? A magic wand, flame gun or your own fists? This genre includes many shooter games with exciting missions. Here you can find many totally new games with various tasks and goals for every age. These vary from one another. Do you want to be a pilot of a spaceship? Or maybe you want to become famous as a brave tank man? Jump into ninja shoes with some super abilities! Let’s look closer at some games from our collection. Best Action Games For Pc

Best Action Games For Pc

1.Absolute Evil

Become the real hero and restore the balance between good and evil!

2.Air Force Missions

Air Force Missions is a 3D game with terrific graphics, powerful sound, and user-friendly gameplay

3.Alien Outbreak 2

Don’t let the alien invasion take over the Earth!

4.Alien Stars

Send the ugly aliens to hell – this is the last chance for the humans!


Fight against monsters to deserve a king’s grace!

Best Action Games For Pc Offline

Considered to be the master race of gaming, PCs (personal computers) can be played both offline and online. While consoles require a network subscription, the majority of Best Action Games For Pc have free online. Regardless, many people find the most enjoyment in offline PC games. If you haven’t played all these games, you might not be a PC gamer. These are the 10 Best Action Games For Pc Offline to play right now.

Best Action Games For Pc
Assassin’s Creed

Some days you start out as a barman and end up confined in a top-secret lab, owned by the Abstergo Corporation, which happens to be run by Templars, who apparently still exist in 2012. Desmond, the barman in question was once a member of a modern-day faction of the Assassin’s Brotherhood. Best Action Games For Pc

Health within the game is dependent upon how accurately Desmond’s memories match those of his ancestor, with damage being depicted as degrees of deviation from the actual memory.

Utilizing elements of stealth, historical fantasy, and science fiction subgenres, Assassin’s Creed is a groundbreaking series that has informed a lot of subsequent titles.

When health is at 100%, the “eagle vision” feature becomes available, which highlights all visible characters in a given scene as either red or blue, depending on whether they are friends or foes.

Duke Nukem 3D

The Duke Nukem titles, a series of first-person shooters featuring the snarky, alien-infested adventures of one Duke Nukem, are so popular that when a new generation title was announced, Duke Nukem Forever, gamers the world over rejoiced.when we walked into the PAX Prime Expo hall only to discover that Duke Nukem Forever was alive and well at Gearbox, with a playable demo, pee jokes included. Still no official release date, but in the meantime, there is Duke Nukem 3D to tide us over. Best Action Games For Pc

Best Action Games For Pc

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Another first-person shooter, this title is the fourth installment in the Call of Duty series, but the first to deviate from the WWII setting of the previous games. Fighting takes place in multiple locations throughout the world, including Pripyat, Ukraine, a now-abandoned city right next door to the scene of the notorious Chernobyl disaster.

With access to modern weaponry such as rocket-propelled grenades and C-4 explosives, the gameplay is a natural continuation of previous titles with regard to movement, damage, and AI teammates. The graphics and general realism of the environments more than makeup for any perceived lack of innovation with regard to gameplay. Bonus Fun Fact: The ending credits feature a rap performed by Mark Grigsby, who happens to be Modern Warfare’s lead animator.

Left 4 Dead series

There is an obnoxious quantity of zombie-related games, but both of the Left 4 Dead games are particularly intriguing in that the co-op mode doesn’t just involve playing together, or helping each other out. In certain instances, a player actually needs his or her co-players, like when the player respawns in a locked closet, or needs healing but is not carrying any form of medicine.


This title, released by Hothead for PC in October of 2010, is potentially going to be the most controversial on my list, due to the fact that this game was not particularly high profile, and a lot of folks dismissed it due to the cartoonish graphics, and that it includes clear elements of an RPG.

However, both the original Deathspank and the sequel, Thongs of Virtue have been some of my favorite games this year. Best Action Games For Pc.

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